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Why is puberty delayed?


We are all different. For some the process of becoming adults, or puberty, occurs at a certain age, but for other young people it may be delayed. This is called pubertal delay. Here I tell you what it is and what are the possible reasons for the body to take time to develop and prepare for reproduction.

Liliana is embarrassed to go out in a bikini in front of her classmates, since at 13 she has nothing of chest and her friends do. Neither has menstruation reached her, when most of her friends have already had a period, so Liliana feels “different”. The same thing happens to Leonardo, who at the age of 14 still has no hair on his body and his voice is just beginning to show signs that it will change. He also feels like a child surrounded by teenagers and it affects him emotionally. Puberty has been slow to arrive for Liliana and Leonardo.

Puberty is the process by which the children’s body matures and becomes an adult body capable of reproducing. During this process, the body continues to grow and modify in response to the production of sex hormones that cause physical, emotional and behavioral changes, including sexual attraction. Among them (depending on sex):

  • Weight gain
  • Increase in height
  • Hair on the body
  • Change in voice
  • Acne may appear
  • Breast growth

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