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Uber wants to buy Deliveroo, according to Bloomberg

According to sources close to the negotiation of which Bloomberg echoes, Uber would have begun negotiations to buy Deliveroo, one of the giants of the distribution of food at home. Still nothing has been known about the price, but Deliveroo’s latest assessment placed the value of the company above 2 billion dollars. Any offer, according to the sources, will have to be “considerably above” that price.

If this purchase were made, Uber would become one of the leading exponents of home delivery of food. We can not forget that the company already has its own service, Uber Eats, which is available throughout the globe. In addition, according to sources, I would also like to buy Careem, which is the best example of this sector in the Middle East.

It is not known if Deliveroo will be independent or will be implemented in Uber Eats

According to Bloomberg, “the talks could fail, partly because Deliveroo and his investors have been reluctant to renounce independence.” That leads us to think that Uber would want to dilute Deliveroo within Uber Eats, which would make their proprietary service larger.

On the other hand, Uber Eats has a large presence in the United States (20% market share and increasing), while Deliveroo operates mostly in Europe. With this acquisition, Uber would control a large part of the food delivery market in two of the main world markets. Either way, neither of the two companies wanted to make statements.

The home-based food business has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Just Eat, Delivery Hero (Deliveroo), GrubHub and Takeaway have a combined market value of 21,000 million euros and generate 60,000 million euros of profit in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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