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Adolescent laziness: motivate you to exercise

Your 15-year-old son is on vacation. When you go to work, you see him sleeping and you know he will stay in bed until noon. When you arrive at night, you see him lying on the couch watching television or playing video games, the same thing he has been doing since he …

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Why is puberty delayed?

  We are all different. For some the process of becoming adults, or puberty, occurs at a certain age, but for other young people it may be delayed. This is called pubertal delay. Here I tell you what it is and what are the possible reasons for the body to take time to …

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Good life, happy heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Why? Although some heart diseases can be due to congenital (birth) problems, age, or family inheritance, most of them are due to lifestyle factors. In particular, to bad habits like eating everything we want without controlling fats or flours, not exercising, not worrying about our …

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