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Children who exercise more have better grades

Once again the exercise has passed the test. A new group of researchers adds data on how physical activity helps children get better grades at school. If you have children of school age, this topic will interest you. Many times, children prefer to play before doing homework and watching television …

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4 efficient exercises so you do not sweat in vain

Exercising has its technique. Also, not all of them serve the same purpose and the way you do them depends a lot on whether you achieve the results you have proposed. When Juana arrived home she heard Mario shout “Help me! I can not move”. He ran to the room …

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9 tips to prevent heart attacks or strokes

Cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks or strokes (CVA) are very frequent. Surely you know one or more people who have suffered or even died for any of them. The interesting thing is that most of these events can be prevented. Find out what you can do yourself to protect …

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Beet juice (beet) could reduce blood pressure

According to a new study, the consumption of juice or beet juice could reduce blood pressure. Beet or beet is a perennial plant that produces leaves and roots that are widely used as a food source for humans and animals. Beets are a source of vitamins A and C, iron …

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What is the syndrome of permanent sexual arousal?

As the name implies, the syndrome of permanent sexual arousal is a state of constant stimulation of the genitals. It is also called persistent genital arousal disorder or Weiss’s disease. Unlike what you could imagine, it has nothing to do with sexual desire and is a condition that occurs spontaneously, …

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Couple’s help seems to improve cancer survival

When you have cancer and are in treatment, it is key to have the support of family, friends and, in particular, the couple. In those critical moments, the affection of the partner becomes essential, and now a new study gives account of it. Keep reading and discover more details about …

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“What do I feed my baby?”

This question is very common, especially for new mothers. With so many myths and theories that the grandmothers have instilled in us, it is normal that you sometimes get confused. If you have doubts about which foods are recommended for your baby from birth to one year, consult your pediatrician. …

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New advances in the detection of Alzheimer’s

A decrease in the ability to identify odors could be the incipient Alzheimer’s signal, while an eye examination could detect the accumulation of amyloid beta protein in the brain, associated with the condition, according to reports presented at the International Conference of the Association of this year’s Alzheimer’s in Copenhagen. …

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10 ways to strengthen your bones

Firm and strong bones are part of a healthy life. They form the framework of the body and when they weaken, they damage the stability of the whole organism, just as the structure of a building weakens when the beams and walls that support it decompose. Good maintenance, which should …

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