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Adolescent laziness: motivate you to exercise

Your 15-year-old son is on vacation. When you go to work, you see him sleeping and you know he will stay in bed until noon. When you arrive at night, you see him lying on the couch watching television or playing video games, the same thing he has been doing since he got up, and the same thing he will continue to do until you go to sleep. He even ate dinner in front of the television. Tomorrow will be exactly the same. What can you do to make it move?

Many parents like you see with disconcert the desperate spectacle of adolescent laziness and do not know what to do. Although not all teens are lazy, why is your child?

Laziness in adolescence is normal. It is part of the typical apathy of this age product of physical and mental changes. Although in some cases it can be a symptom of depression.

Whatever it is, you have to take action on it. Because if you think about the life that awaits your child if he is still sitting there (obesity, depression, various diseases, weak bones, etc.), it is not a good outlook. How can you motivate your child to exercise?

Give him reasons 

Try to motivate him with reasons, telling him to exercise …

  • It helps you to have a healthy weight and therefore, to look better
  • will help you feel better about yourself
  • It’s good for your health in every way and it will give you a lot of energy
  • it will make you stronger
  • It will make you more competitive in school and you will be able to enter the team that you like. (Follow…)

Give it a push

If the reasons do not work, you can give it a first push …

  • Motivate him to sign up to do some sport in school and support him in whatever he wants. Tell him that belonging to a team is an excellent way to make more friends
  • Take him to make a sport that catches your attention: football, skating, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting, etc.
  • Invite him to watch a live sport so that he gets the sports spirit
  • Plan walks or campsites and organize physical activities: games, competitions, explorations, etc.
  • Invite him to go out for a bicycle or to walk with you even once. The first day will reproach, but most likely you will like the physical sensation and want to do it a second time

Small useful traps

  • Convince him to work at home in exchange for something, permission to go out with his friends, a little more money for his expenses, a prize. Invent small projects in the house to motivate him to help you with tasks such as cutting the grass and sweeping the leaves of the garden, painting the fences, cleaning the garage, washing the car or walking the dog …

Also, tell her that during adolescence, the best therapy that exists for apathy is to move. Exercise raises the mood. That is guaranteed.

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